Digital Marketing: Think like a School, Run like a Business. Part 2


In the first part of “Digital Marketing: Think like a Schools, Run like a Business”, we offered some great tips that could help the head of school prepare their school by recognising and utilising the many marketing tools in the digital world. We explored how schools can take advantage of these tools in database, strategy, […]

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Think like a School, Run like a Business. Part 1


Think like as school run like a business In today’s digital market, trustees of independent schools are constantly presented with increasing challenging choices when it comes to communications, marketing and research. Have a look at these questions and try to respond them truthfully: a. Do the board and head of school understand the attitudes of […]

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Marketing your School as a Brand


Here in the UK, we have an enormous amount of outstanding independent schools. Schools that are dedicated to educating students to become very enthusiastic and very strong participants in the 21st century economy. Inadvertently, this also means that students and their families have an enormous amount of choice too, when it comes to selecting an […]

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35 ways to use Twitter successfully by Independent Schools


Nowadays, more and more Independent schools are coming to social media and with good reason too. Social media offers the promise of inbound marketing,  improved search engine optimisation (SEO), branding and the ability to engage with the many constituencies involved in independent schools. (All of these at very little or no cost all). The problem […]

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Three Shade of Social Media

Social media

If you have been reading the past series of our blog posts, then by now you are probably convinced that having a social media page is really beneficial. There are risks involved in having a social media presence for individuals and businesses alike. Having a social media presence means you are leaving your brand exposed […]

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School websites: The centre of your school digital marketing strategy


The most powerful and effective marketing tool your school can have is its website. A great website can generate leads and answer enrolment enquiries with minimum fuss. It can communicate important information at a glance and cut down on administrative and marketing tasks. Sadly, most school websites have not been updated for years, if at […]

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Tips on using social media marketing

social media tips

Social media marketing has become a norm in businesses and marketing with majority of small businesses and big organisations creating a separate budget for social media marketing. Social media helps to create brand awareness, engagement with consumers and prospects, and offer platforms for businesses to market directly to their target audience at little cost. It […]

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Social Branding – Businesses and Brands


A business is known to be defined as an organisation or a sort of economic system where  there is an exchange of goods or services for money, therefore the purpose of business is for profit. And branding is just differentiating your business from that of similar businesses, either through a logo, an added value or […]

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Social Listening


Social listening is a form of social media monitoring, it is the process of identifying the conversation people are having on social networks. This is a very useful process for both business owners and marketers because, it helps gain insights of consumers’ and prospect’s perception of any brand. There are so many tools that have […]

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Marketing with Facebook


With so much change going on within the digital realm it is easy to get lost in all the “jargon”. Using social media platforms in marketing has created new rules and as a business trying to market their services, this can be frustrating. As a company looking to market your services and products online it […]

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