LinkedIn – Brand Awareness and Advertising Opportunity!


Many users of LinkedIn today, do not fully utilise the margin of opportunity available to them, which is; to build awareness for themselves by creating a superb profile. Most profiles on LinkedIn have very simple headline that typically consists of […]

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Marketing Challenges Faced By Independent Schools Today


In today’s world, consumers have become very highly sophisticated and very demanding. Mobile connectivity and constantly available internet access means that consumers are now savvy users of digital media, and that same ease of mobile connectivity have made social media […]

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


5 MARKETING INSIGHTS FROM the ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE. We all from time to time, come across a ‘fad’ or ‘trend’ on one or sometimes, all of our social media platforms. Sometimes we enthusiastically join in and other times, we sit […]

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Independent School Marketing: The Value of Market Research


Today, the educational market place is highly competitive. In such environment, Independent Schools have a tough job to do better, by making sure that their value proposition to prospective families and students is well established. The administrators who have been […]

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School websites: The hub of your school marketing strategy


The most powerful and effective marketing tool your school can have is its website. A great website can generate leads and answer enrolment inquiries with minimum fuss. It can communicate important information at a glance and cut down on administrative […]

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Social Media Success: It’s all in the STRATEGY


For every business, establishment or even, independent Schools, a well planned and executed social media strategy could be the difference between a successful or a flopped marketing campaign. We appreciate they every brand is unique with different value propositions, however, […]

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How to use YouTube to optimise your school’s popularity


Ask anyone today what search engine they know or use and I bet you they would say “Google”. They won’t be wrong either. But did you know that next to Google, the second largest search engine is “YouTube”? Well, it […]

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Admissions Marketing in Independent Schools


An abundance of outstanding independent Schools in our part of the world, means that we are most fortunate in having students whose schools are dedicated to educating them to the highest standard possible, encouraging them to become very enthusiastic and […]

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Inbound Marketing Specialists


Inbound marketing As an architectural messenger, Swoop Studios serves as an integrated Digital Marketing Specialist for Independent Schools. We build businesses out of schools by working with their head person and leaders to raise communication and branding awareness. Our 12-month […]

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Using the Facebook Privacy Settings


With the advent of digital media, our private life seems to have flown out the window along with our rights to them. Most social media platforms are now been set up to allow access to your confidential information, including contact […]

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