21 Ways To Create Traffic Boosting Viral Content, Backed By Research [Infographic]


Do you want to create viral content that’ll drive more traffic to your website? Do you know that viral posts share some common features? If you want readers to share your content over and over, then you must invest quality time […]

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Can Your Team Answer These 30 School Marketing Questions?


In every organization (including schools) there is a need to ponder and think as a group. Brainstorming and analysing information together as a team often provides insights that team members may not be able to generate solely. The following questions are great […]

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55 Evergreen Blog Post Ideas You Can Use All Year Round [Infographic]


Are you finding it difficult to think of interesting blog post ideas for your blog? What if I told you, all you need is a stack of ideas to build on? Yes! All you need is a proven template to […]

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10 Great Ways to Combine your School’s Social and Print Media

10 Ways to Combine your School’s Social and Print Media

Your school may be expert at using technology to support learning – but can the same be said of how you use the same technology to reach out to target audiences including local communities and parents? In addition to traditional […]

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29 Words and 13 Tips That Will Make Your Website Content More Compelling [Infographic]

29 Words and 13 Tips That Will Make Your Website Content More Compelling [INFOGRAPHIC]

The words that make up your website’s content play  a big part in your online success, how you use them will either make or break your business online. Writing great copy is a skill owned by few people but not […]

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5 Strategies You Can Start Using To Communicate More Effectively Online

5 Strategies You Can Start Using To Communicate More Effectively Online

Communicating the same message day after day to a blanket audience through advertising no longer works as it used to, due to technology. Technology has greatly disrupted how schools interact with their parent communities, and exactly how and when they interact with a […]

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How To Know The Right Social Media Platforms To Invest In [Infographic]


Are you considering using social media for business? Having trouble deciding which networks will best suit your target audience & prove the most value for your time ? With constant growth and competition, it could be very daunting, finding your space […]

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5 Reasons To Optimize Your School’s Online Presence Now

5 Reasons To Optimize Your School's Online Presence Now

Is your School’s online presence optimized? Are you loosing out on great opportunities to connect with prospective parents? Is Content Marketing a part of your School’s marketing strategy? Related: School Websites, The Hub of your School Digital Marketing Strategy “If you […]

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Top 3 Marketing Changes Your School Must Adapt To

school-marketing 1

We are advancing towards a new era of school marketing. The buying journey of a prospective parent is no longer a straight line. It will interest you to know that parents can, and do, locate information online, compare pricing, read […]

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3 Key Areas to Focus your School’s Brand Reputation Management


Brand Reputation Management (BRM) previously referred to as PR and word-of-mouth marketing, has been around for decades! However, the scope in which it operates has changed fundamentally since then. Instant user-generated feedback via review networks and social media platforms is now commonplace, and this has […]

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