Social Branding – Businesses and Brands


A business is known to be defined as an organisation or a sort of economic system where  there is an exchange of goods or services for money, therefore the purpose of business is for profit. And branding is just differentiating your business from that of similar businesses, either through a logo, an added value or […]

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Social Listening


SOCIAL LISTENING Social listening is a form of social media monitoring, it is the process of identifying the conversation people are having on social networks. This is a very useful process for both business owners and marketers because, it helps gain insights of consumers’ and prospect’s perception of any brand. There are so many tools […]

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Marketing with Facebook


With so much change going on within the digital realm it is easy to get lost in all the “jargon”. Using social media platforms in marketing has created new rules and as a business trying to market their services, this can be frustrating. As a company looking to market your services and products online it […]

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